Safety is our absolute top priority. By carefully evaluating every dog before they enroll in our services, we can ensure we maintain a safe environment for them. Daycare or Boarding is a new situation and environment for some dogs, and we want to ensure we are a good fit for them both physically and mentally. We will always prioritize your dog first, and this “trial run” has proven to reduce stress for the dogs and provide peace of mind for our clients. We also always promise to be transparent and let you know if we do not feel we are a good fit for your dog.

Again, safety and health are our main concerns.  By enforcing this strict policy, you should also feel assurance knowing that your dog is surrounded by other healthy and vaccinated dogs during their stay.  Please make sure that any facility you interview to care for your dog requires proof of vaccinations.

Please note that the Bordetella vaccine (“Kennel” or Canine Cough) is similar to a flu shot, meaning that there are several strains of Canine Cough.  Vaccinated dogs are more protected against Canine Cough (or it helps to lessen the symptoms), but it is not a guarantee they will protected from every current strain.  If your dog shows any symptoms of Canine Cough at home (see symptoms HERE), please DO NOT bring them in for Boarding or Daycare in order to help us keep every dog healthy in our care.

Daycare (group play):  Yes.  We allow intact dogs up to 7 months before they are required to be spayed or neutered if attending Daycare (group play).  We do, however, make a few exceptions for male dogs if they have instructions from a Breeder or a Vet stating they need to postpone being neutered until an older age due to health reasons.  But please know that we might need to dismiss your dog temporarily from Daycare (group play) if either your dog or the pack starts to show behavioral issues as a result of an intact male in group play.  We cannot, however, allow a female dog into group play once she has had her first heat cycle.  And if your intact female goes into heat while attending Daycare, she will need to be picked up immediately.

Day Boarding: Yes, we allow both intact males and females.  But, intact females CANNOT be in heat while they are staying with us – no exceptions.  They will need to be picked up immediately if they go into heat while in our care.

Overnight Boarding:  Yes, but same Daycare (group play) requirements apply for dogs being Crate Boarded or Boarding Cage Free as they are in Daycare all day.  If your dog is staying in a Private Room, same rules apply as Day Boarding (see above).

This is an excellent question that you should be asking EVERY Dog Daycare and Boarding facility before you entrust them with your dog!  We are located within a gated park with remote access.  We have extra leashes located at our emergency exits for every dog in the facility.  In case of an emergency, we will immediately close the gate remotely and begin quickly and safely escorting each dog out into the secured lot and into a safe area.  If needed, we will contact each owner to keep them updated on the situation.

We are located in the Valley, so yes…we ABSOLUTELY have a climate-controlled facility!  We had a brand new HVAC unit installed before we opened our doors to ensure a comfortable environment for our canine guests.  We also have de-humidifiers, fans circulating air at all times, and we also have a garage door (fenced off) that we often open for additional fresh air during nice weather.  We have also invested in a full UVAIRx Air Purification System with several units placed throughout our facility. 


Yes, yes, YES! We love enrolling puppies in our unique Daycare program as we are honored to help teach them proper socialization skills. Puppies also thrive when enrolled in our “Enrichment Club” as well. Our structured day that includes Movie Time can also assist with Crate training and providing a lunch schedule. We often start all puppies in our “Tiny Town” playroom with only little dogs so they can learn to play while building confidence. If they are a larger breed, they will graduate to the next playroom once they start outgrowing the Littles and they have learned proper play and manners. All puppies need to have all THREE rounds of their puppy vaccines, as well as their Rabies and Canine Influenza vaccines. These vaccinations are usually completed around 4 months old. We are strict about puppy vaccines for their own safety.

Yes.  Think of Dog Daycare like a child daycare.  When the kids are out at recess, they often get little bumps and scratches while playing.  Same with dogs!  We carefully monitor play in each play area, but dogs do tend to get a little scratch here and there.  Remember, dogs literally play with their teeth and paws/claws.  If we feel as though a serious injury has occurred, we will immediately call you and are quickly able to evaluate whether or not a vet visit is needed.  We are also trained and equipped with first aid kits if needed.

Absolutely not!  We have three separate play areas so that we can safely and appropriately group dogs together based on their size and play style.  We want every pup to have the best experience while they are here!

No way!  We don’t evaluate the breed, we evaluate the DOG.  This is why our evaluation process is extremely thorough.  We do everything possible to maintain a safe and healthy pack at PAWparazzi, and our trained staff is highly qualified to manage dogs of every breed and size so as to create a safe experience for each dog.

Dogs can be like little children in the sense that if they are too stimulated throughout the day without any rest at all, they will come home TOO worn out and cranky.  It is extremely important for dogs to have quiet time for some rest and relaxation as this is beneficial to their health both mentally and physically.  Our goal is to send home a balanced dog who has enjoyed healthy levels of both physical and mental stimulation during their stay. Feel free to read more about the importance of a nap time from the Dog Gurus HERE.

YES! We are proud to offer Day Boarding or dogs that prefer private time vs playing with other dogs. The price is the same as Daycare, but it includes a FREE Private Walk or a Private Play session. Plus you can customize their stay by also enrolling them in our “Enrichment Club.” As with all of our New Clients, your dog will still need to pass a scheduled Temperament Test to ensure they enjoy private time in their Private Room.

We have several puppies and dogs who enjoy lunch time during their stay with us.  We serve lunch during our Movie Time, and any dogs eating lunch will have their own private space either in a Private Room or in a Crate so they can safely eat in peace and rest while they digest. And no…we don’t charge extra for this as long as you provide their own food! We can provide our House Food for $4.


YES!  We feel as though this is extremely important, and we urge you to ask every facility you are considering as an Overnight Attendant can save lives.  We take every safety precaution at our facility and offer 100% supervision day and night.  We actually have an Overnight Attendant sleep in the “Den” with the dogs, so there is lots of snuggling in our comfortable cage-free boarding room.  Our Crate Boarders are also in the Den and right next to our Team Member.  This Overnight Attendant is also within ear-shot of the Private Rooms and can be able to supervise without continuously waking up the dogs doing nightly checks.


Bedding: We do not allow any personal dog beds for our Guests staying in Private Rooms.  Dogs staying in a Private Room may bring one personal blanket from home, and we provide a comfortable and durable Kuranda Bed in each Private Room for your dog’s comfort.  Dogs Crate Boarding with us may also bring a personal blanket from home, or they may bring a thin Crate Bed for extra comfort.  Dogs Boarding Cage-Free are not allowed to bring any personal blanket as they are in a shared room with other dogs.  

*We cannot guarantee the condition of your dog’s personal blanket upon checkout.  Although your dog might not chew blankets at home, sometimes Boarding can be a bit stressful at first being away from their parents, and unique behaviors, like chewing, might temporarily surface.  We do have a washing machine and will quickly wash any soiled blankets (we cannot place a full dog bed in our washer).

Toys: You are allowed to bring chew toys for your dog, but we do not allow any toys that squeak…for obvious reasons!  We also sell several yummy chew treats in our Lobby that you can add on to their stay (Bully Sticks, Whimzees, Frozen Kongs, and more!). *We DO NOT ALLOW RAWHIDE BONES (nor do we recommend them) as dogs need to be 100% supervised while chewing a rawhide for safety reasons (we cannot offer 100% supervision while dogs are in their Private Rooms).

Yes please!  We want your dog to maintain their own diet so as not to upset their tummy during their stay with us.  Dogs often have a hard time eating while being Boarded, so we ask that you include any yummy “incentives” your dog might enjoy to encourage them to eat their normal food (as in cheese, wet food, etc.).  We do not charge if you bring your own food, but we do charge $4/meal if you need us to provide food.

Absolutely not!  But please be aware that we can only administer oral and topical medications (no injections).

We hope that never happens, but we will be prepared for anything as we have a team member at the facility 24/7 monitoring our Boarding dogs with their own transportation in case of emergencies..  For minor issues, we will try to contact you or your listed Emergency Contact before we take your dog to the vet for treatment.  We will always call their own vet first with any minor issues.  If it is truly an emergency, we will evaluate the situation and immediately take action as we will always put your dog’s health first.  Please note that any and all vet bills will be covered by you, the Owner.  If your vet cannot bill you directly, we will cover it and apply it to your final bill with us with a 4% processing fee included.  This is included in the Client Release Form you are required to sign before enrollment.

(Requiring a Holiday Boarding DEPOSIT equal to one holiday night, and a +$10/night Holiday Boarding Rate.)

  • New Year’s: Saturday 1/1/22 – Sunday 1/2/22

  • Easter Weekend: Friday 4/15/22 – Monday 4/18/22

  • Memorial Weekend: Friday 5/27/22 – Tuesday 5/31/22

  • Independence Day: Friday 7/1/22 – Tuesday 7/5/22

  • Labor Day Weekend: Friday 9/2/22 – Tuesday 9/6/22

  • Thanksgiving: Sunday, 11/20/22 – Monday 11/28/22

  • Christmas/New Year’s: Wednesday, 12/21/22 – Monday 1/2/23

2021 Lobby Closures

(Requiring a 2 night minimum stay for boarding reservations.)

  • New Year’s Day: Saturday, January 1, 2022

  • Easter: Sunday, April 17, 2022

  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 30, 2022

  • Independence Day: Monday, July 4, 2022

  • Labor Day: Monday, September 5, 2022

  • Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 24, 2022 (*Lobby closes early Wed. 11/23/22 – Closes early at 5 PM.)

  • Christmas Day: Sunday, December 25, 2022 (*Lobby closes early Sat. 12/24/22 – Closes early at 5 PM.)

  • New Year’s Day 2023: Sunday, January 1, 2023 (*Lobby closes early Sat. 12/31/22 – Closes early at 5 PM.)


We currently only offer a basic bath service that includes a shampoo, blow dry, and basic brush out. We also provide a nail trim service (clipping or Dremel/grinding). These services are only provided as an add-on service for dogs currently staying with us, and we do not offer individual grooming appointments.

Unfortunately, we only offer our Bath and Nail service to our current clients staying with us for Daycare, Day Boarding, or Overnight Boarding.  We cannot accommodate walk-ins at this time.

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