Overnight Dog Boarding

We know that all dogs have different sleeping styles, so we are happy to offer THREE different Overnight Boarding options to best suit your dog’s needs. We have an Overnight Attendant on site all night monitoring all dogs joining our slumber party. Each dog is required to pass a scheduled Temperament Test to allow us to approve them for the most appropriate boarding style. Learn about all Temperament Test and Enrollment details on our NEW CLIENTS page.

Dog Daycare

Safety is our top priority at PAWparazzi, so every dog is carefully evaluated to determine their eligibility for our Daycare program.  We do not have breed restrictions as we evaluate the individual DOG…not the breed.  It’s also important to note that not every dog is going to enjoy a social Daycare environment (and that is completely fine!).  We are always monitoring our dogs to ensure they are having the best experience possible.  If Daycare is not enjoyable for them, we have other options to customize their stay with us.

Enrichment Club

Dogs require both physical and mental stimulation to achieve balance and holistic health.  “Canine Enrichment” focuses on mentally stimulating a dog through various activities and exercises that tie into their natural instincts. The six main areas included in Canine Enrichment include Sensory, Feeding, Toys/Puzzles, Environment, Social, and Training.

Dog Training

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with My Best Friend Obedience to offer several new training services for you and your dog at PAWparazzi! Please reach out to them directly to schedule a group class or private lesson at our new facility.

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