Private Room

Our Private Rooms are 4’W x 6’L x 6’H and can also easily fit multiple dogs comfortably.  All Private Rooms are furnished with a durable and comfortable raised Kuranda Bed. You can also bring one personal blanket from home to help comfort your dog with a familiar scent while you are away (we no longer accept personal dog beds).  

Starting From

-$55/night (1 dog)
-$100/night (2 dogs, 1 room)
-$145/night (3 dogs under 25 lbs, 1 room)

Your dog will experience a relaxing “staycation” that includes calming music, soothing Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils through our gently lit oil diffuser, plenty of fresh water, and at least 4 outdoor potty breaks.  We have movie time during our nap time each day, as well as bedtime movies before lights out.  We also offer several ways to customize your dog’s stay with us including add-ons such as Enrichment Club, Private Walks, or even Daycare (group play) if approved.  All daily pictures and videos will be posted to our Facebook Page by the end of each day. 

Crate Boarding

We know that some dogs LOVE their crate at home as they see it as their safe place where they can really relax and unwind. Our crate sizes range from small to XL, but you also have the option to bring your dog’s own crate from home. We can provide a blanket, but we encourage our clients to bring a personal blanket or thin crate bed from home so they have a familiar scent.

From $75/night (includes daycare)

Daycare is included in the price as this service is REQUIRED for all Crate Boarders. Dogs enjoy group play all day and are only in their crates to rest for meals, nap time, and again for bedtime.  We will need to evaluate your dog in a crate during our nap time (Mon-Fri 12pm-2pm) to ensure they are comfortable in that environment before we approve them for this boarding style.  All crates are located in our cozy Den where our Overnight Attendant stays the night, and they all enjoy bedtime movies before lights out.

Cage-Free Boarding

Our Cage-Free Boarding is a comfy slumber party that offers cuddles, snuggles, bedtime movies, and more!  Each dog picks out their favorite sleeping spot (sharing the bed with our Overnight Attendant, couches, dog beds, etc.) and enjoys that home away from home feeling.

From $92/night (includes daycare)

This is a great option for dogs who love their cuddle time, or dogs that might have a bit of separation anxiety as they will have more contact with our snuggly humans. Cage-Free Boarders are placed in either a crate or a Private Room to safely and privately eat their meals and digest for at least one hour before rejoining the Cage-Free group.

All Cage-Free Boarders will need to pass scheduled Temperament Test AND attend two additional days of Daycare (must include nap time 12pm-2pm) to be approved for this Boarding style.

Private Suites

From $100/night

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