Enrichment Club

Enrichment Club

At PAWparazzi, we are the only local Dog Daycare and Boarding facility to implement a nap and movie time to offer this mental health break in the middle of our play day.  Although we regulate the excitement levels with this break between group play, we are excited to take our commitment to your dog’s mental health one step further and incorporate an ENRICHMENT program for our clients.



What is Canine Enrichment?

Dogs require both physical and mental stimulation to achieve balance and holistic health.  “Canine Enrichment” focuses on mentally stimulating a dog through various activities and exercises that tie into their natural instincts. The six main areas included in Canine Enrichment include Sensory, Feeding, Toys/Puzzles, Environment, Social, and Training.

Our goal at PAWparazzi has always been to offer a new and unique experience for both dogs and their Owners that is above and beyond the current cookie cutter “dog daycare” model. A standard dog daycare setting is designed for dogs to play all day (sometimes up to 12 hours straight) at a very high stimulation level without crucial rest periods.

What is Enrichment Club?

 Enrichment Club is an add-on service designed around the six areas of Canine Enrichment.  When you drop your dog off at PAWparazzi for a Daycare play day, a Day Boarding stay, or an Overnight Boarding stay, you will have the chance to enroll them in our Enrichment Club activities for the day for an additional cost.  We will have different Enrichment games and activities that we will rotate daily on our menu board to offer your dog the most interactive experience during their stay with us. This unique daily schedule offers the highest level of care focusing on your dog’s mental and physical health…plus it’s really FUN!


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